What to Expect

People find their way to St. Alexis through word of mouth, personal invitations, a Jackson Free Press ad, our Facebook page, our Google Group, our website, or by attending one of our Coffee House or I Hate Church events.

As you enter the building from the front door, you will be in our main worship space. Our vicar will likely be wearing his finest t-shirt and jeans, and the others in the room will be dressed similarly. We take “come as you are” seriously here.

An average 10:00 a.m. Sunday worship service will have 40-50 people in attendance. For those extreme crowd haters, we also have a smaller evening service at 6:00 p.m. If you would like to remain anonymous, just shift about uncomfortably and stare at the floor. We won’t push you to talk.

Grab a songbook and a photocopied order of worship (we try not to make you juggle too many books) from the table by the door. If you forget, someone will hand them to you.

The service includes a 10-15 minute discussion or homily led by our vicar, some singing, and a celebration of the Eucharist. Our communion table is open to anyone seeking to follow Christ. You are welcome there, but are not expected to participate if you prefer to observe instead. The entire service takes about an hour.

Feel free to scurry away quietly after the service. Many of us are recovering from painful prior church experiences. We get it. Or if you are feeling brave, have a cup of coffee, and ask as many questions as you like.