From its very first meeting, St. Alexis has sought to serve as a place of refuge for those who may have felt alienated from the church in the past, or as a place where those who struggle to believe in anything at all might be welcomed and loved. We serve in a unique urban setting, and our community is diverse in age, race, and circumstance. There are regular attendees who live in a shelter. Homeless people worship alongside young families with children, professionals, and students.

The heart of St. Alexis aches for those who have been harmed and alienated by the Christian community. We seek first and only to love.

Mission Statement

At St. Alexis, we strive to be holy in all we do:

Holy in our desire to make the world a more loving,

Christ-centered place;

Holy in our aims to better ourselves;

Holy in our silence through prayer;

Holy in our words of comfort to those afflicted;

Holy in our invitation for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or political preferences, to come and worship together;

Holy in our knowledge that the church walls do not restrain the Gospel but form a place from which the Gospel rushes into our surrounding community;

Holy in our understanding that these things are possible through individual and communal covenants with Christ that extend God’s love and grace beyond the single cup from which we all drink.

In 2013, a group of members met with the Rev. Chuck Culpepper, for several weeks of studying and discerning a call to offer support and inclusion of same-gender couples seeking blessing of their relationships. The church made a unanimous decision to petition the bishop for permission to offer such blessing. The bishop has granted this permission, and we look forward to a future of continued inclusion and also blessing same-gender relationships while embracing such couples in our community.