The Episcopal Church

St. Alexis is a mission church of the Episcopal Church. You might want to know a little more about that. We are part of the Anglican tradition, meaning churches which grew out of the Church of England. Following the American Revolution, Anglicans in America created their own independent church while keeping many of the traditions and practices of the Church of England. The name “Episcopal” means “Bishop” and reflects the fact that we look to our Bishop for leadership and guidance. St. Alexis is part of the Diocese of Mississippi and is connected to and supported by other Mississippi Episcopal churches through our Bishop.

While each Episcopal congregation is different, there are some things we have in common. We use the Book of Common Prayer as the basis for our worship services, uniting us and giving us a rich heritage of prayer and spiritual resources. We are focused on worship and sacrament, relying on the grace of God to guide us as individuals and as a community. This means that we are comfortable with questions and a diversity of views within the church.

The Episcopal Church occupies a unique place in the Christian faith. Our church is part of the Protestant tradition with our leaders, including the bishops, elected and with a strong belief in the right and ability of each person to read and interpret scripture and to have direct access to God’s love. At the same time, we are part of the catholic tradition in worship style and faithfulness to the history of the Christian faith. We recognize as valid baptism in any church if done with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All who seek to follow Christ are welcome to receive communion and fully participate in our worship and common life.